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Wollongong April 2 & Sydney April 9

Join me and I'll share with you, proven Social Media Strategies that generate more income, reduce costs and create more free time![Even If You're Starting With No Fans, Very Little Money And No Computer Skills] 
**Wollongong April 2 & Sydney April 9**

1. Will This Be Useful For My Business?

Yes. I've seen over 300 business owners through Social Media Breakthrough from about 50 different industries, men and woman of all ages. From lawyers and accontants to personal trainers and bee keepers (yes bee keepers) You only have to look at how much Social Media is consuming our attention every day and with over 15 milllion Australians (60% of our population) on Facebook alone it's safe to assume most of your customers eyes will be there.

2. What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

  1. An open mind for learning: This is the new way of doing busines and it requires a new way of learning.
  2. A laptop, iPad or tablet: I have designed this course so that it is hands on. We not only learn the systems and strategies, we implement them, righ there anf then, on the day.
  3. Snacks: There will be plenty of breaks throughout the day however I would recommend bring some light snacks to keep you fueld through the day.
  4. Casual Clothing: No need to dress formal, I know its a business course however wear something casual and comfortable, bring a jacket just in case the room gets cold.

3. Can I Bring A Friend or Collegue?

Of course, not only can you bring a friend or collegue, simply share this page with them, the more the merrier! *

4. What topics will be covered on the day?

Phase 1. Social Media Audit.
Optimizing your current Social Media platforms so that they're fully optimised. I will also show you some curent hacks to gain more traction and awareness.

Phase 2. Building A Solid Foundation Of Loyal Fans And Followers. 

I'll show you ways of increasing your like and fans using both paid and free strategies (as well as some secret Facebook ninja moves, very few people know about)

Phase 3. Building Your Content and Marketing Plan. 

The main focus of a successful Social Media pressence is to create engaging likable content. In phase 3 I'll show you how to take the guess work out of content creation, what works and what doesn't. Then we'll develop our marketing plan for the year. This will enhance your productivity and allow you to continually add value to your customers.

Phase 4. Video Marketing.

Learn the 3 types of videos to use for business. What equipment to buy and programs to use.

Phase 5. Automated Lead Generation

Learn how to implement automated marketing sequences into your business so that your lead generation operates wihout you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. I will lay out the ideas you can use as well as the strategies to implement along with the tools and systems to use.

Phase 6. Facebook Marketing

Facebook advertising is THE most effective and INEXPENSIVE marketing medium on the planet. I'll teach you how to identify your perfect client avatar and design a Facebook marketing campaign to reach thousands of people every day.

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Wollongong April 2 & Sydney April 9